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Dr. Slime

Dr. Slime

  • Name: Dr. Slime
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Crazy Scientist
  • Location: Underground Lab
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Fav topping: Pepperoni

Little is known about the origins of this eccentric scientist: one day Dr Slime appeared mysteriously, surrounded by an army of slime-animals and risky inventions, and established himself into an abandoned underground laboratory. Some sources says he’s an unknown alien life-form who’s escaped recognition, while others assure he’s just a regular scientist who was turned into slime by a failed experiment.

Whatever was the cause of his sudden apparition, he’s become a regular client of the company, using the delivered pizzas to feed his creatures or, more often than not, as part of his experiments.

Although he possesses enough intellect and firepower to become a real threat to the world, so far he only seems to be interested in the pursuit of pure scientific knowledge, and the only danger he presents seems to be the numerous escapee and lost experiments around his laboratory.