Pizza Brave | Dragoness | Pizza Brave



  • Name: Miss Fuentes Dragoness
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Architect
  • Location: Inner Volcano Complex
  • Birthplace: Western Sahara
  • Fav topping: BBQ chicken

Miss Fuentes, known as “Dragoness” by her friends, has recently become the newest regular client of the franchise. She is the descendant of a long clan of constructors and architects, and after a couple of failures while pursuing alternative careers, she’s turned into a successful lair’s designer with a marked fascination for historical architecture.

Born from her particular style, her dangerous designs still manage to retain a complex artistic beauty, and are seeked worldwide by villains and neutral parties alike. Even the H.Q. of Pizza Brave has commissioned her work a couple times.

Contrary to what anyone may believe, she’s actually a gentle and shy person who takes her job very seriously. But even though she’s extremely polite as a client, her usual places of work are dangerous enough to test the courage of even the more experienced Delivery Braves.