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IndieGOGO and Steam Greenlight

At Playerbit we are proud to present “Pizza Brave”, our latest project:

Pizza Brave is a fast-paced platform-adventure game that takes you across dangerous worlds, delivering pizza, in a retro pixelart atmosphere. We developed a mix of two classic genres, action-platformers and graphic adventures, to create an amazing experience. Pizza Brave combines the adrenaline of action-platformers with the engaging fun of multi-option graphic adventure style dialogs.

This is an idea that captivated us from the beggining so, after giving it a lot of thought, we decided to start an IndieGOGO campaign, so we can dedicate and invest all our time and effort this game deserves to deliver a high-quality, engaging, fun and challenging experience on time.

On Mid November 2015 Pizza Brave is going to see the light, hopefully it will be a green one! Pizza Brave is now on Steam Greenlight, ready to be voted by the community.

If you want the game to be as awesome as we dreamed make a pledge! Share it with your friends and take a moment and vote for us at Steam Greenlight!

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