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Mino T. Aurus

Mino T. Aurus

  • Name: Mino T. Aurus
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Professional Surfer
  • Location: Sun Prairie
  • Birthplace: Greece, Earth
  • Fav topping: Pineapple

Mino is a cool and friendly guy who likes to party and have fun. He moved to Sun Prairie from his old home on Crete, since his labyrinth house was too hard to find for the guests of his numerous parties and, as result, he’s become some sort of celebrity among the tourists: the “Master Surfer’s” parties are as much of an obligatory visit as any other local historical oddity.

He is also one of the first and most loyal clients of Pizza Brave and, thanks to his influence and huge circle of friends, the franchise has gained a lot of new customers on the last years. They followed Mino’s enthusiastic recommendation without hesitation!

As a client, he’s really hard to anger and rarely takes things seriously, but questioning his lifestyle can get you on his bad side. Formality is a foreign concept to him, so don’t be surprised if he treats you like an old friend, even when you’re delivering his pizza for the first time.