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Pizza Brave Delivery methods

Clients that live on or near the planets where the company has it’s main establishments can enjoy their pizza delivered directly from the franchise’s kitchens. Other clients, however, are not so lucky, and live in distant planets or moons that require more complex strategies of delivery.
Like most prepared food products, pizza can’t be transported using teleportation devices, since the current technology tends to mess up the ingredients. To save the distances, the company employs “Brave Stations”, a group of space stations that travel to distant galactic neighbourhoods, registering the calls on their vicinity. When a Brave Station is given a destination, they send a small capsule to that particular planet or moon, containing the (still uncooked) pizza, which is baked by friction on its descent towards its destination. On the places where Pizza Brave extends its services, the company builds arriving platforms designed to receive the capsules. The Delivery Braves can then teleport to the destination, and transport the pizza by foot from the platforms to where the client is located.