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Pizza Brave, Today

Pizza Brave is a widely known pizza delivery franchise with many establishments in various points of planet Earth and nearby solar systems. Nobody knows exactly when or where the company was created, but rumors say its origin can be traced back to the beginning of Egyptian civilization. Although their HQ can be found on Earth, several branches have been placed on populated planets to keep control on the company’s expansion through the galaxy.
The company is also famous for providing 9154 different variants of pizza, along with other similar food products, depending on the branch’s location. Most topping ingredients are procured locally, but their special tomato sauce, that follows a secret recipe, is made exclusively on the company’s factories, situated on low-gravity moons, and then sent to the different establishments.
According to the intergalactic committee of food critics, the company is rated number one on the “Milky Way’s top list” of popular food chains, and third on the Local Galactic Group’s list of most popular franchises, right after BoomBoomCandy Corp. and KokeKola. Its success can be attributed to two main factors: its willingness to localize their products for the taste of the local customers, and the hard work of their carefully trained delivery forces: known as the “Delivery Braves”.