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The Delivery Braves

The explosive success of the company on the Milky Way has attracted lots of attention from the population of planets with less popular gastronomy (whoever controls the food controls the universe, after all), and all kind of alien species have traveled to Earth, the home planet of pizza, to prove themselves worthy of working for such prestigious company. While the company continues its seemingly unstoppable expansion across the galaxy, its employees compete among themselves to be the fastest, strongest and bravest of them all, dreaming with the day they could win the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of becoming the employee of the month.

Brave training course

The company takes pride on the efficiency of their delivery service, upholding their motto of “Be Brave, Face the Risks, Keep the Tips”. It’s for this reason that the aspiring future deliverers are provided with obstacle training and courage tests to evaluate and improve their performance (and they have to like cats too, for some reason).

Aspirants from all around the galaxy are accepted on the three-steps recruit program, but only a few manage to complete all the three stages. On the first one, a psychological evaluation, the candidates go through a written test under the watchful eye of the company’s specialists, who determine which aspirants have the right attitude for the job. The second part consists on a two-week long supervised training programme, in which the candidates learn the company’s rules and train to survive harsh environments and unexpected situations. The final stage, the Bravery test, is an obstacle course filled with unexpected traps that test both the endurance and improvising ability of the candidate. Only those who perform successfully on the three parts of the program join the company ranks as Delivery Braves.

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